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For over twenty years, the Baltimore Rhythm Festival has been welcoming attendees to an event that brings people together, that inspires, and that changes lives. The 2018 Baltimore Rhythm Festival returns September 15th from Noon until 7 PM. The event will take place at the Baltimore City Public Charter Montessori School 1600 and 1634 Guilford Ave. Baltimore Md. 21202 in the Station North Arts District. The event reinvents the festival format, shifting boundaries between performers and audiences through participatory experiences and an alternative gift currency called the Beatcoin. All who attend will receive this currency, and can gift it to the artists, teachers, facilitators, and fellow jammers who register with us.

We are showcasing a variety of performances, workshops, and experiences. The heart of the festival are the jams that come together – bring your heart, your dancing shoes, and an instrument if you have one, make this day beautiful with your contributions of music, song, and dance of all kinds.

The festival concludes with the spiritually uplifting and profound singing artist Ama Chandra, the unique and mesmerizing music of Ghanaian master Osei Korankye playing the Seperawa harp lute, and the danceable, joyous life affirming Afrobeat of Janelia Soul.

All performances and workshops are free and open to the public. The festival is a short block from the Baltimore Collegetown Shuttle Red and Blue Routes, and the Penn Station transportation hub. Parking is plentiful around nearby Penn Station Vendors will offer healthy and delicious food, and vendors include some of the finest drum crafters in the region (and beyond).

The Baltimore Rhythm Festival produces, presents, and supports the collective joy of rhythm based arts through programs and services centered on our annual festival. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, outreach, and respect. We invite a culture of artistic growth, participation, education, and connection for our community and its members, helping our city sustain individual and collective well-being.

The Baltimore Rhythm Festival is a not for profit organization fiscally sponsored by Strong City Baltimore. Beginning in 1995, The Baltimore International Rhythm and Drumming Society (BIRDS) hosted an annual Rhythm Festival. It was an event that brought communities together to recognize and celebrate the power of rhythm to connect. Since 2014, the Baltimore Rhythm Festival revives, renews and reinvents the spirit of the BIRDS

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