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2021 Festival

Updated: May 26, 2023

New and old faces making fresh beats! That’s what’s it’s about, thanks for collaborating drum circle participants, there is something soo sweet about the jungle beat that seems to be background sound for the festival!

The Baltimore Rhythm Festival produces, presents, and supports the collective joy of rhythm based arts through programs and services centered on our annual festival. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, outreach, and respect. We invite a culture of artistic growth, participation, education, and connection for our community and its members, helping to make our city one that sustains individual and collective well being.

Your contributions make it possible for everyone, regardless of background, to create the spirit of community in Baltimore City. All funding is used directly to support our artists and the costs of our event. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause!!!!

Fusion Partnerships, our fiscal sponsor, offers resources and support for those who want to make their own change. We hold a space for self-determination in a spirit of community and connection; we want all residents of Baltimore to have the same access to power and decision making as is found in larger institutions and agencies. We are committed to support grassroots leaders that are rooted in and working towards building just and caring communities.

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