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Amaniyea Payne (African Swing Dance Workshop)

Updated: Mar 11

2023 Festival Participant


4:30 PM

Amaniyea Payne is a performer, director, producer, choreographer, educator, designer, and humanitarian.

Her style of dance, evolving from natural rhythmic movements, is based and informed by dances & cultures of the African Diasporas. She has studied, performed, and toured globally with prominent companies and well-known music and dance legends, such as Stevie Wonder, Cab Calloway, Ben Harper, Lindy Hop innovators Norma Miller, Frankie Manning & Mama Lou Parks, Reggae icons Third World, Rita Marley & Bunny Wailer (to name a few) and Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago, where she served as Artistic Director for three decades.

Ms. Payne is committed to preserving & honoring the legacy of great expressions as well as aiding in the development of future generations of dancers who carry the aesthetic and spiritual base of Black Dance.

Baltimore Rhythm Festival

September 9, 2023

12Noon - 9PM (stay for the evening concert)

1600 Guilford Ave, Baltimore MD 21202

Free Outdoor Festival + evening concert

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