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Ganesh Kumar (Kanjira Workshop)

Updated: Mar 11

2023 Festival Participant


4:00 PM

Ganesh Kumar, a Kanjira maestro, embarked on his musical journey under the guidance of percussion legends Shri T R Hari Hara Sharma and Shri T H Subash Chandran. He shifted his focus to master the Kanjira, a traditional South Indian hand-held frame drum, characterized by its rich, resonant sound and intricate rhythms.

He's been honored with the "Fulbright Fellowship Award" in performing arts and taught Kanjira and Carnatic Percussion at Queens College, CUNY, and explored the fusion of Indian hand drumming in jazz music for his Fulbright thesis.Ganesh Kumar's innovation led to the development of his signature series Kanjira in collaboration with the Cooperman Drum Company. He has shared his expertise through "The Art of Kanjira," a groundbreaking two-volume instructional DVD, encompassing the instrument's history, classical compositions, rhythmic counting systems, and versatile applications.

As a performer, Ganesh has performed with legendary Carnatic musicians like Smt M S Subbulakshmi and Dr M Bala Murali Krishna. He has introduced the Kanjira to Western audiences, collaborating with Jazz luminaries such as Victor Wooten and Bela Fleck.

A dedicated teacher, Ganesh has conducted masterclasses and workshops on South Indian Carnatic Percussion at various universities worldwide. His music school, Sri Jaya Sankara Tala Vadya Vidyalaya, in the United States, has nurtured countless students. His contributions have earned him esteemed awards, including "Best Kanjira Artist" and "Yuva Kala Bharathi," and the title of "Asthana Vidwan" conferred by Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Kanchipuram.

In a 50-minute workshop led by Ganesh Kumar, you'll discover the intricacies of this unique instrument and explore the Tala rhythm system, an essential element of Carnatic music.

Baltimore Rhythm Festival

September 9, 2023

12Noon - 9PM (stay for the evening concert)

1600 Guilford Ave, Baltimore MD 21202

Free Outdoor Festival + evening concert

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