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2014 Festival and Concert

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

In 2014, a committed and dedicated group of volunteers came together to bring back the spirit of the Baltimore Rhythm Festival.

The Baltimore Rhythm Festival revives and reinvents the Baltimore International Rhythm Festival, a community based event in Baltimore city from 1995-2006. On Oct. 4, 2014, the Baltimore Rhythm Festival revived this event with a highly successful festival on many levels. With support from the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, and the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, the festival's Evening Concert showcased Philadelphia's Liberian Women's Chorus for Change, and Baltimore's own Urban Foli. Workshops, Participatory jams, and daytime performers included Kwame Brew/Fritete, The FezTones, Baile McKnight, Jordan Goodman, Conrad Kubiak, Maria Broom, Myron Bretholz, Telesma, Deep Visions Dance Company, and Menes Yahudah.

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