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Ni Dembaya (Performer)

Location: Street Stage

Time: TBA

Ni Dembaya African Drum & Dance Ensemble is an African-centered educational and performance group started in Washington, DC, originally started by Yuma "Dr. Yew" Bellomee and “Bobo” Earl Rahjae Bellomee circa 2013, that has grown to include many members both local and abroad. Ni Dembaya's directors and lead choreographer, Shaleena Capers, have devoted much time to the study of music, dance, artistry and traditions from various areas throughout the African diaspora, to share for cultural, social, & historical awareness. Ni Dembaya's mission is to present traditional & modern rhythms, songs, and dances from African people worldwide as a tool to educate, inspire, uplift, promote wellness, empower, and connect people all over, especially those of African descent.

Baltimore Rhythm Festival

September 14, 2024

12Noon - 6PM

1600 Guilford Ave, Baltimore MD 21202

Free Outdoor Festival + evening concert

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