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Children of Adam Band

Updated: Mar 11

2023 Festival Participant


4:30 PM

The Children of Adam Band is a 14 member band based out of Philidelphia who performs PMB music, otherwise known as Positive Message Bearing music. This genre is entirely original to the Children of Adam Band, and lacks any and all abusive language, bigotry, bullying, drugs, guns, misogyny, or racism. Their songs are multi-lingual, and the sound is a fusion of Jazz, Funk, R&B, Soul, Latin, African, Middle Eastern, and Spoken Word.

"Children of Adam Band speaks to the world about social issues. Our platform of music builds human bridges of understanding and appreciation."

Baltimore Rhythm Festival

September 9, 2023

12Noon - 9PM (stay for the evening concert)

1600 Guilford Ave, Baltimore MD 21202

Free Outdoor Festival + evening concert

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