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Divya Rajan Sriram is a Creative Practitioner. She is a performance storyteller, inter- & multi-disciplinary intuitive artist, healer, ritualist, teacher & learner. She has performed and facilitated workshops in India, Philippines, South Africa and USA. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Theatre Arts from Towson University.

Rebel Buddha (Lydell Hills) is a Hip Hop artist and Spoken Word poet from Brooklyn, New York who is driven to open and elevate the minds of urban youth, guiding them through their inner city and inner struggles. As he works to overcome these issues himself; he aims to be a positive influence to the culture, representing the voice of the youth. Self-aware of his flaws and the condition of the Black community in America, he is raw and unrestrained in expressing reality through lyrical wit and conscious bars. As a Post-Graduate of Goucher College (within the Baltimore Collegetown Network) he now settles in Baltimore as founder of Truth to Power, a youth development program dedicated to using mindfulness and creativity to engage youth in their community. His vision is to influence urban cities to counteract violence with peace and pursue financial freedom by promoting black entrepreneurship despite America’s history of racism.

Rebel Buddha promotes positive self imagery by having fun with self-empowering words and expressing raw emotion. He honors the origins of Hip Hop culture, influenced by his Step Father’s DJing and scratching vinyls at home, while exploring alternatives within the culture.

As a young person raised in the current music culture, he is able to relate to the carefree nature of Trap music, but critiques the impact the general disregard has had on the Black community. Business minded yet “young, wild, and free” Rebel Buddha (like his name might suggest) is ultimately divided; sometimes childish and influenced by the hood mentality, yet awakened to the conditions of the world in order to use his voice to speak truth to power.

rebel- one who questions, resists, refuses to obey, or rises against the unjust or unreasonable

control of an authority or tradition

buddha- the awakened mind


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