VIRTUAL Festival 2020

Updated: Feb 22

An Update from the Baltimore Rhythm Festival

We are in a collective moment when the legacies of historical injustices of racism are being profoundly called into question, and we all celebrate the potential this will have for lasting and meaningful change. The Baltimore Rhythm Festival has always had as its foundation the recognition and celebration of the value of black culture and black lives, and we are committed to diversity, inclusion, outreach, and respect. We endorse and support#blacklivesmatter. We believe in the promise of “Peace Through Music” and know that a key to dismantling and changing oppressive systems is the People Power that flows from souls connecting and recognizing one another and the gifts we have to share.

At this time, we encourage all of you to safely participate in this movement of change, and to use the power of rhythm to support this remarkable cultural time. We will share opportunities to participate as they are made known to us through our Facebook Page and other vehicles.

In light of ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic and the crucial role that social distancing plays in curbing the transmission of this disease, we are transitioning this year’s festival to a more modest scale and will be flexible in offering online opportunities and, if advisable, limited in person activities. Please hold the date of Saturday, Sept. 12, and stay tuned as we put the event together. We envision online workshops and performances, along with facilitated dialogues, and if possible, limited socially distanced jams.

We invite artists, teachers, and cultural activists to contact us if you are interested in sharing or leading a session. We will promote you and encourage our community to support you through your own payment systems – Venmo, PayPal, etc. Here is a link to sign up and be part of the festival:https://forms.gle/u292EReKpbBbacWMA

We plan to return to a full festival in Fall of 2021, and invite anyone who would like to help plan, contribute to, or be part of this to connect with us.

We are happy to share two important links relevant to current events at this time:

A website to find black-led organizations:https://cllctivly.org/organizations

Food distribution: The Food With A Focus fund was created to increase personal safety and decrease the spread of COVID-19 by finding a faster, more efficient method for food distribution so families do not need to travel daily to access food. Visit: http://foodwithafocus.org/

**Photo by Elena Volkova!

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